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HINO Malalane represents the Toyota Group in the global market for heavy-duty trucks and buses under the HINO brand. We offer a range of trucks, including the HINO 300 Series, HINO 500 Series, and HINO 700 Series. HINO’s truck line-up is a line-up of confidence. So if you are in the market for a light, medium or heavy-duty HINO truck, HINO Malalane has or can source whatever you need. With excellent durability and reliability as well as exceptional drivability, economic efficiency and consideration for the environment, HINO trucks satisfy all the conditions of a truck at exceptionally high levels. HINO Malalane can supply and customize bodies, trailers and cranes to you, the client’s specifications on all models. Whichever HINO you choose, you know you own the ideal truck.

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