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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Yes, Malalane Toyota would like to assist clients in every way possible. Please speak to your Sales Executive to find out what options are available.

Yes, we do. We can supply parts for Japanese import Toyotas and Hino trucks. Our workshop also services and maintains these vehicles.

When servicing your vehicle at Malalane Toyota, we provide a shuttle service to our clients, which will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in Malalane.

A service plan is a product that covers the replacement parts, consumables and labour of regular, scheduled services for specified service intervals. The Toyota Service Plan is designed to give customers a value-added product that supports their needs by containing motoring costs.

The standard Toyota Service Plan can be extended for any number of services from original date of sale up to a maximum of 7 years or 200 000 km and guarantees fixed pricing on scheduled services.

  • It’s the only extended service plan endorsed and honoured by Toyota South Africa.
  • Pay for tomorrow’s costs at today’s rates, so you avoid the inevitable increase in the price of parts and labour.
  • Flexible purchase options such as inclusion in vehicle finance (TFS) or monthly options.
  • Provides for servicing by trained technicians, making exclusive use of Toyota Genuine Parts and a 12-month warranty on parts and labour.
  • Flexible extension options to suit the period of ownership.
  • A complete Toyota Service history helps to protect the resale value of a vehicle.

Toyota Warranty provides cover against repair due to failure or malfunction as a result of manufacturing or material defect.

The Toyota warranty covers any defective materials and workmanship on all new Toyota vehicles for 3 years or 100 000 km from date of sale, whichever occurs first. Included in the cover is Roadside Assistance, a 3-year corrosion perforation warranty, as well as a 12-month warranty on the battery of the vehicle. Hybrid vehicles also enjoy cover for 8 years or 195 000 km on all HSD componentry (including the battery). The option to extend the vehicle’s standard Toyota Warranty up to 6 years or 220 000 km through the purchase of a Toyota Genuine Extended Warranty is also available. The genuine Pre-owned Warranty is available to re-instate the warranty on vehicles outside their manufacturer’s warranty.

The Genuine Extended Warranty extends the cover provided by the standard manufacturer’s warranty, offering the same level of cover as the warranty of a brand-new vehicle. The Genuine Pre-owned Warranty offers either unlimited cover (as per manufacturer’s warranty), or limited cover (subject to claim limits).

  • It is the only extended warranty that is backed by Toyota South Africa and is supported by all authorised Toyota dealerships throughout Southern Africa (including Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho).
  • It includes Toyota Roadside Assistance and Road Cover for the duration of the agreement.
  • Various purchase options are available, including monthly payment options, or additions to vehicle finance (TFS), breaking the cost into small, manageable instalments.
  • Repairs will be carried out by Certified Toyota trained technicians, using only Toyota Genuine Parts, which offers a 1-year warranty on parts and labour (warranty only applies to South African vehicles).
  • The product increases your vehicle’s resale value.

The Toyota Maintenance Plan upgrades the cover offered by the Toyota Service Plan to a maximum of 5 years or 200 000 km, through the inclusion of wear and tear items and electrical components, depending on the specified service intervals.

The Toyota Maintenance Plan covers all servicing costs covered by the Toyota Service Plan, plus:
  • The mechanical components that require replacement or repair due to normal wear and tear Example: Brakes, clutches, exhausts, batteries etc.
  • Electrical components that require replacement, provided the failure has not been caused through abuse or fitment of unauthorized accessories.
  • Free Roadside Assistance for breakdown recovery and tow-in charges. The Toyota Maintenance Plan offers a true “fixed cost motoring” solution and peace of mind that is fully approved by Toyota South Africa.

When buying replacement parts for your Toyota, there is no better option than Toyota Genuine Parts for the following reasons:

  • Non-genuine parts may seem attractive due to favourable pricing, but they will cost more in the long run, due to reduced functionality and substandard quality.
  • The lack of precision in the production process of non-genuine parts results in poor compatibility with Toyota vehicles.
  • Non-genuine parts are often made from low grade materials and therefore lack the inherent Toyota Genuine Parts quality.
  • The use of non-genuine parts could have costly consequences due to failure of major components.
  • Certified Toyota Technicians with the experience and efficiency of working on Toyota vehicles day in, day out.
  • Toyota Genuine Parts carry a 1-year warranty and do not compromise the vehicle’s warranty or extended warranty.
  • Model-by-model knowledge and expertise to fix problems first time, every time with specialist Toyota diagnostic equipment.
  • The latest technical updates from Toyota and comprehensive training, so you stay up to date with the latest technological advances.
  • Knowledge of all warranties and customer service expertise to ensure complete peace of mind.

Accidents happen, and when they do, have your vehicle restored to its original showroom condition by a Toyota accredited body and paint repairer. Why?

  • Toyota accredited body and paint repairers are backed by Toyota South Africa and boast nationwide coverage.
  • Selected on stringent requirements, accredited repairers need to comply with standards and criteria set by Toyota South Africa to ensure no compromise with your Toyota’s warranty resulting from repair.
  • To ensure quality workmanship and a consistent level of excellence, repairers are continually monitored.
  • To back this, repairers are kept up to date with the latest repair information through training material, technical bulletins and publications.
  • In addition to a high standard of workmanship, Toyota accredited body and paint repairers are expected to deliver exceptional levels of customer service.
  • There are more than 300 Toyota accredited repairers to choose from.

The Toyota Roadside Assistance Program is applicable to all Toyota Models covered by Toyota Warranty or Toyota genuine Extended Warranty. Toyota Roadside Assistance entitles customers to the following 24-hour emergency roadside assistance benefits:

  • Out of fuel assistance
  • Jump start assist and / or replacement of battery (if battery is still under 1-year guarantee)
  • Change of flat tyre
  • Key lock out service
  • Towing of your vehicle to the nearest Toyota dealership in the event of mechanical/electrical breakdown (should a roadside repair not be possible)
  • Message relay service

The Toyota Roadside Assistance Program is applicable in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland only.

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